Service Profile Brewing the Beer

High quality and the reducing of costs were the main attention during the conception of our
1 hl Complete Brewery. Of course this doesn't sound pretty new, but the finding of the single
components in high quality was very difficult. Different types were tested until this model
corrosponded to our highest demands.
So we developed a driveable, complete tubed 2 vessel - brewhouse, which is equal to a big
The complete measure-, control- and regulation unit, together with the pump and the boiler is
located on the lower part of the polished stainless steel table between mash- and lautertun.
Only a water - and a High Voltage supply (3 times 400 Volt) is needed to use this brewery.
Together with ESAU-HUEBER we developed a conical combined tank with armatures
and wrap - arround cooling, which can be used either for the hot wort or for fermentation.
This 130 liter tank is also suitable as a storage - tank (maximum bunging pressure 3 bars),
as well as for dispensing.
A flow - through chiller is used to cool the hot wort and the tanks, and of course to dispense
the finished beer.